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Interviews and More PDF Print E-mail
Written by Administrator   
Saturday, 15 August 2009 14:12

As we collect interviews with Crighton patrons we will document what we find out here.

Cynthia Devlin provided us with playbills, magazines, and stories about the restoration.  The opening program hosted by the Montgomery County Foundation for the Performing Arts (Crighton Theatre Foundation) included Mozart, Wagner, and Copeland played by the Houston Symphony.  See her memorabilia here.

Cheri's dad, James Hargrave, is the first in line to see the Beatles...I think he's the one wearing the white pants.

Ask anyone to name a band from the sixties, and The Beatles will feature heavily.  For those of you too young to remember, John, Paul, George and Ringo, or the ‘Fab Four’ as they were also known, settled on the name 'The Beatles', after being known as The Quarrymen, Long John and the Silver Beatles, and simply the Silver Beatles. ‘The Beatles’ was a combination word-play on "Beetles" (versus "Crickets", i.e. Buddy Holly’s backing musicians).

Read more about the Beatles.

Since we have had trouble getting interviews with patrons who remember the early years of the Crighton, we have started interviewing actors, directors, producers, and production crew from shows at the Crighton.  See the interviews here.

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