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One on One: Inside the Crighton Theatre PDF Print E-mail
Written by Administrator   
Tuesday, 26 June 2012 14:58

Welcome to a new interview show called One on One: Inside the Crighton Theatre,  The purpose of this show is threefold:

  • to promote the historic Crighton Theatre
  • to highlight the individual stories of the cast, crew and production groups that have graced the Crighton stage
  • to provide learning opportunities for youth and adults with respect to multi-camera filming

The length of each video segment is entirely up to the guest.  Interviews can last from 5 to 90 minutes.  When the conversation comes to a logical end - meaning there appears to be nothing else to talk about or topics have been exhausted - the interview is concluded.  Longer videos will be broken up into 90 minute segments and call for the guest to return at some later date.  Don't expect short interviews (except for kids).  Someone's life shouldn't be reduced to a sound bite; that's why the segments can be as detailed as they are.


Frequently Asked Questions


Where can I find the shows?

The episodes can be found on the crighton-theatre.com website under the One on One: Inside the Crighton menu.  Links are also available on the STAGE RIGHT website and the resources website.  To find specific actors by name, select Interviews by Name.  To find people in particular shows, select Interview by Show.

What are the topics that will be covered during each interview?

The intent is to provide a behind the scenes look into what actors, directors, and producers are doing, the stories behind what they have become, why they do what they do.  There are only three required questions: how did they get into theatre, what are they doing now, and a surprise question at the end.  Everything else depends on the guest and what they want to share.  So far we have talked about hobbies, philosophy, theatre differences from country to country, the theatre scene in the greater Houston area, starting a theatre company, acting techniques and more.  While we talk primarily about stage productions, discussions have also covered financial investments, religious belief (or something else), real life, homeschooling, and personalities.  If you have seen Inside the Actors Studio then you know what type of questions we might ask.

Why video?

We find that very few people find time to read a magazine or newspaper article.  We live and die by our phones.  Additionally, we have found that we need new training opportunities for our staff and students in a low cost, low risk environment.

How do I get interviewed?

Right now we are working on interviews with the cast and crew from Legally Blonde the Musical. We are now soliciting interviews with actors, directors, and production staff for previous shows.  Fill out the volunteer form to get an appointment or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

What do I wear to the interview?

You can wear whatever you like.  However, since you will be filmed we prefer that you wear something visually pleasing.  Note that we only video from the waist up which allows the host to wear shorts.  AVOID wearing green as we use chromakey to insert background pictures and you will blend with the background.

What if I say something I want to take back?

For the most part, the video is uncensored.  However, we do edit (minimally) for content and pace. The one caveat is that we will edit out anything that does not appear to support the three goals listed above.  If there is something you want to take back that can be done in post-production.

Where will the interviews be available?

To minimize cost the videos will be available on youtube.  Links to the video will be available on the Crighton Theatre website.  If you know the name of the actor, select interview by name.  If you know the name of the show, select interview by show.

Where are the interviews conducted?

When possible, we film at the Crighton Theatre.  However, we will travel to other locations as needed.

How do I get to be a guest host?

When you sign up for an interview, indicate that you would like to host and if you have any particular guests in mind.

I like the goals of the program.  How can I help?

Fill out the volunteer form and we'll contact you.  There is much to be learned.  Multi-camera techniques, lighting, sound, editing, video compression, chroma keying, diction, etc.  We do not pretend to have all the answers - we learn by doing.

Are any topics off-limits?

The intent is to have a family friendly show.  Having said that, the direction of the conversation is entirely up to the guest.  The host will guide the discussion but not necessarily censor anything.  We do remind our guests that nothing can be gained by speaking badly of another.  Be truthful, but be nice.  As always, the views expressed by the guest or host do not reflect endorsement by the Crighton Theatre or Stage Right.  We are just allowing our guests to exercise their right to freedom of speech.  The only time we will edit is if a topic does not support the three goals stated above.

Why do there appear to be duplicate links?

An actor is generally in many shows at the Crighton.  The interview will be cross-referenced with every show.

Are the shows limited to STAGE RIGHT shows?

Any show performed at the Crighton qualifies for consideration.  We have scheduled interviews with performers coming to the Crighton (Dust Bowl Motel).  We are seeking interviews with other groups including MCPAS, Sounds of Texas, Larry Martin Entertainment, and Sharity Productions.  Some of the actors we have interviewed so far also have mentioned their productions done while the Players were the resident theatre company at the Crighton.  Since Christian Youth Theatre is active at the Crighton, we are working with them to capture their stories via interviews.  Additionally, the Heritage Museum of Montgomery County has started their interview series.  Where there is overlap, we are working with them to acquire interviews.

How much effort does each segment take?

For every hour of interview it takes approximately 4-10 hours of effort and about an equal number of hours to process the video.  As we get faster with multi-camera editing the time is reduced to about 2-5 hours per hour of finished product.  When the interviews are easy (people talkative without many annoying interruptions, we can get the time down to around 2 hour per 1 hour of edited footage.

Why do you record in HD?

The better the source video, the better the final product.  It takes a lot of space (about 2 GB per hour) not including intermediate files to store the video.  Nevertheless, we are convinced that high definition (HD) is the future.

Why not have a professional do the video?

We are a volunteer organization.  The more learning opportunities we provide, the better we are as an organization.  Learning opportunities at a reduced cost.  That's not a bad value proposition.  The experience is necessary for future projects.

What have you learned so far?

Plenty.  We have started a lessons learned blog that we will update continually as we upgrade our programming in real time.

Is there a guiding principle to the questions?

Truth.  Nothing more, nothing less.  Even opinion can be a version of the truth provided we are honest with ourselves.  We do not strive for political correctness per se.  However, we feel that a Miracle on 34th Street attitude will take us far.

How do I expand the video?

Once you start playing the video, the bottom of the video frame will show you controls - start/stop, video resolution, etc.  You can view the video in all types of resolutions up to HD1080i (1920x1080).  Note that most connections cannot keep up with full HD.

How do I get a podcast only of the interview?

As of September 1, 2012, we now have podcasts of the interviews as well as the youtube videos.  You need to go to the Interviews by Name listing and click in the column that indicates the length of the podcast.  You can optionally download podcasts by name.

Why can't we comment or blog about any of the interviews?

If we didn't have to concern ourselves with comments whose only intent is to smear the Crighton's reputation, we would allow comments and blogs.  As it is many of the negative, biased comments serve no useful purpose.  You can see such comments on reviewer sites such as yelp.  These type comments are best left to personal Facebook or Twitter accounts where one can pontificate to their friends.


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