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October/November 2010

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The Frog Prince

MCPAS and the Missoula Children's Theatre present THE FROG PRINCE, an original adaptation of the classic fairy tale performed by over 60 local children from the Montgomery County area on Saturday, October 2, 2010 at 7 PM.

Deep in the royal swamp, a lonely Frog retrieves a golden ball for Princess Prim in exchange for friendship and comfort. The spoiled princess doesn't want to live up to her part of the bargain, and puts her royal Knights on alert. And so the trouble begins. Luckily, Frog gets some good advice from Ollie the wise old Aspen tree, the well-read Alligator, and the kindly Swamp Things. The Ducks, a busy Fly and dancing Flamingos also come to Frog's assistance as the Frog's kindly servant tirelessly tries to set things right. Even the Queen, kindly Princess Proper, and spunky Princess Peppy get involved and, despite the trouble caused by the nasty Venus Fly Traps, all ends happily. Our hero becomes a Prince (formerly known as Frog) and realizes that friendships are made, not bought and he discovers that it is not what you are but who you are that counts.

Come and see the kids perform!

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Benise and the Spanish Guitar

MCPAS presents Benise: The Spanish Guitar. The Spanish Guitar is an epic tale that will transport the audience to such exotic places as a Parisian cafe, a Flamenco Tapas Bar in Spain, an Arabian desert, a Venetian Masquerade ball, and the cobblestone streets of Old Havana. This new show will feature Benise's guitar as protagonist, as it becomes the keeper of the stories of glory and tragedy through time and worlds gone by. Brilliantly choreographed dance numbers and orchestral pieces accompany the stories that were sealed inside this magical instrument. Benise's The Spanish Guitar takes us on a deeply personal journey to worlds both far and away and reminds us that hope can be the healing thread in all our lives.

The dancers in The Spanish Guitar were carefully handpicked from a global pool of some of the most brilliantly diverse talent to be found. Traditional flamenco dancers, Broadway performers, and soloists previously featured with the likes of Madonna, Gloria Estefan, and Ricky Martin, have all joined forces to make up Benise's female dancers - The Gitanas.

Come and see Benise live!

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The legend of Pocahontas lives on inside the hearts of the Algonquin Indians and they want us to learn from her story. "Let's celebrate the legend that lives inside of us, it lives there inside of our soul. It tells where we come from, it tells where we'll go." This quote is taken from one of the new music scores written especially for this show. You will find CYT's Pocahontas to be a more historically accurate account than the animated movie version. A new script, new music and a brand new style will make this show memorable. Come, rediscover the legend of Pocahontas!

Performances are at the historic Crighton Theatre October 22-30, 2010.

CYT website

The Man I Love

This drama hears the cries of the dysfunctional families, broken homes & tattered communities; where deception has become the standard, where the young and old make careless & thoughtless choices which lead them to places they never intended to go. They find themselves wandering aimlessly on the road of temporary pleasure which is often times followed by a lifetime of sorrow.

Shawn Jackson, of Conroe, who has a major role in the production, said she has never heard of an all-black production at the Crighton and is trying to conduct research. "The Crighton has had some black performers," she said.

Jackson, 32, has done stage work before but moved to Conroe in the early 1990s because she believed it would be a better place to raise a family. She now has two children who have been involved with the Crighton Kidz, she said. When Jackson first learned of LWJ Production and the plays of Annie Johnson, "I was blown away," she said. "I've never known of any all-black productions." "The Man I Love" deals with a woman sent to prison for killing her boyfriend. "She thought it was the only way she could get out of an abusive relationship," Johnson said. "She also got infected with HIV by him. This particular play is very powerful. We want to tell women that if they're in an abusive relationship, get out. "It's very inspirational and has powerful music."

Performance is at the historic Crighton Theatre on November 6, 2010 at 4 PM.

Annie Johnson's website | Buy tickets online! | MySpace | Youtube

Juice Newton

Juice Newton known for her impact on the pop, as well as the country music scene, exhibits diversity in her music as well as her stage show. Juice keeps her performances varied with the energy of her top-notch touring band, and the intimacy of an acoustic setting. Otha Young, Juice's longtime musical partner and songwriter, said, "With the band we have now can give the audience the full spectrum of Juice's music."

That spectrum is wide but identifiable. Juice Newton, through her pop and country hits, her distinctive voice and entertaining performance skills, continues to captivate audiences from teens to grandparents, from the city to the country. As a music critic stated, "Newton remains one of the most riveting performers in music, rocking on stage and playing each emotion for what it's worth. And it's worth a lot."

The performance is on November 20, 2010 at 7:30 PM. Don't miss this Best Pop Female Vocalist!

MCPAS website | Buy tickets online! | Juice on MySpace | Youtube

White Christmas

Already?! Playhouse 1960 will present the classic "White Christmas" from November 26-December 18, 2010.

Just in time for the holidays comes a delightful new stage adaptation of the classic yuletide movie. White Christmas includes all your favorite Irving Berlin songs, from "Sisters" and "Blue Skies" to "I Love a Piano" and the popular title number. The fun begins after WWII when two of the hottest song-and-dance men in showbiz team up with a sister act to save their former general's country inn. The result is a sparkling holiday package filled with splashy dance numbers, treasured songs and enough heartwarming nostalgia to make your days merry and bright!

Read more about Playhouse 1960

Vernon's Kuntry Katfish

If you are a fried catfish afficionado, then Vernons is the place for you! In 1984, Vernon and Mary Bowers opened Kuntry Katfish with its original ten tables, and seating for forty. Here's one online review we found. See if you agree...

"EVERYTHING on the menu is good! This is the essence of southern cooking, always fresh and consistent. I have been eating here for more than 10 years and I have never been disappointed. The menu is vast and has everything from fried catfish to BBQ to a lighter fare...the chicken delight is awesome, the fried shrimp are huge and the hamburgers are to die for...they have the best fries too! Everytime my family and I visit Vernons we try something new and are delighted and in awe of how good our new selection is. For instance today we ordered the sausage/chicken gumbo and it was very tasty. Friendly service and great desserts, especially the banana pudding. If your heading out to Lake Conroe this is the place to hit for lunch or dinner."

Online menu

Darrel's Catering

When you need someone to help you with catering for a large group, look no further than Darrel's catering. STAGE RIGHT asked Mickey (the owner) to cater a BBQ lunch for the World War II veterans that make up the Lone Star Honor Flight. Mickey went out of his way to work within our schedule and budget to give the vets a memorable lunch on stage. His brisket is incredibly moist, tender, and flavorful. His staff is enthusiastic and helpful.

Mickey was touched by STAGE RIGHT's benefit performance of No Time for Sergeants for veterans and donated his company's services that day. Support this patriotic business and you will find many more reasons to be a repeat customer.

Info about Darrel's Catering

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